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Your MVP in production within three months,
staying within budget and maintaining high quality.

MVP & Beyond ↓

Building a great MVP

A Minimal Viable Product is: a dream to be materialized.
It takes time and effort to conceive, research and to validate.
It's also money.

Starting point

  • - You don't know or are unsure of which tech should be used.

  • - You are worried about cost and staying in budget.

  • - Perhaps, you're not sure what should be the minimum to build 
  • (the M in MVP).

  • - You are under the pressure of shipping your MVP in time.

Where you would like to be

- With a technical co-founder that help you make the right technical choices.

- Confident about about what should be the scope of the MVP.

- Reassured about the delivery date anymore.

- In possession of an estimate within your budget, yet without sacrificing on the quality.

Tailored proposal

"MVP & Beyond" is an unique offer to support

You and your startup into the journey of building your MVP and beyond that.

Helping in every step:

- Defining the minimum features to develop

- Picking up the tech that will ensure shipping quickly and scalability

- Establishing realistic release planning

- Providing an estimate and a specification documents

- Creating technical and architectural documentation

Building the MVP is only the first step, after that you will have to iterate and to maintain your product.

That why this offer also include:

- Helping you to build a developer's team

- Managing & mentoring your tech team

- Provide advice / guidance along the way.

Founder seeking to build its MVP journey

There are three main ways to build your MVP.

Allow me to tell you why I don't believe they are right for founders:

1) Going with an agency

Agencies makes money by working with low rate developers and cutting down on quality.

You will never be in contact with the developer that build your product.

Agencies will push you to spend all your budget instead of helping you narrow the scope of your MVP.

With agencies, you risk:

- Spending way too much of your budget

- Having a low quality technical base

- No real plan beyond the MVP

- Months of delay

2) Directly hire a developer

Freelancer can be great but they bill on a time base.

Developer aren't great at product.

Nor at making technical choices that are good for business.

Most importantly:

- Your freelancer will have no obligation of result and can vanish at any time.

3) Hiring a CTO instead

CTO usually don't code that much.

They will most likely delegate to a low rate developer.

Same problem that with the agency.

CTO freelancer, same issue regarding commitment to a specifications document.

MVP & Beyond Offer

I believe that startup founders relying on love money have just as much chance of success as others, and they shouldn't see their dreams destroyed by dream-selling agencies.

That's why, after having helped two Web3 startups launch their MVP last year, I created this offer.

This solution offer you the support of a technical co-founder as a service.


Step 1 - Specification / Design

During 10 days, we collaborate in real time as much as needed:

- Establishing the M of your MVP

- Creating a clickable wireframe

- We discuss the different technical solutions and their tradeoff

You receive:

- A clickable wireframe

- Technical Architecture Diagram

- Specifications document

- Technical Specifications Appendix

- An Estimate with a delivery date.

Step 2 - Building:

I personally develop your MVP.

Through a demo, I present you the progress at least one time per month.

By the end of this phase ,you will receive your MVP with all the pieces professional software have:
- Code repository
- Cloud Access
- CI/CD pipelines
- Unit tests on core business feature
- Technical Documentation

Step 3 - Beyond:

  • Now that your MVP is live, 
  • you have some new challenges:
  • - maintaining it
  • - keep on making it evolve

  • It can help you with that as a CTO :
  • - Recruiting a team
  • - Training your developer
  • - Managing your team
  • - be your technical partner.

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